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Second Floor Layout Concept with Reduced Footprint

by Chad Ludeman on February 14, 2008 · 3 comments

in Design,floorplan

As we have been getting farther along in the process I have started to be a bit concerned with a lack of storage space. With a small house and no basement, I think we really need to add some more storage. The sketch below shows a modified 2nd story floorplan that addresses the storage issue a bit better than previous iterations.

New 2nd Floor Layout 2-13

As you can see, our double height space is all but gone. ISA has compensated for this with an extended 2 story space in front of the stairway as well as a small 2′ gap between the back wall and the floor. Both of these gaps should allow adequate air flow to the second floor to aid in our passive heating and cooling design.

ISA also designed a railing for the 2′ gap that would serve double or triple duty as a railing, storage area and built-in desk. In order to increase storage further I took the mechanical room and closet out of the core and spread it along the east wall. In theory, this storage could go from floor to ceiling and offer quite a bit of extra storage in addition to closet space. The floorplan remains open and each room is just as big if not bigger.

The last tweak was to rotate the bathtub and place a shower head outside of it with a drain in the floor. To me, this adds a bit of a design flair while increasing the functionality of the only remaining bathroom. I’ll be meeting with ISA tomorrow AM to discuss the proposed changes and finalize the floorplans.

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1 david February 14, 2008 at 11:00 pm

with just a quick glance over ur sketch; is there any benefit to getting rid of the walls to the bathroom and replacing them with cabinetwork, so the storage cabs become the new walls? this might free up space and give you more effective cabs.

2 Nick February 15, 2008 at 10:15 am

Hi Chad,

I’m following your progress closely and I’m always keen to read when I see a new post waiting in the morning. Keep it up, Please!

I agree with David, but can I also add a suggestion of Super-Sound-Insulating that utility room. I currently live in a two up two down row house in the UK and the boiler come plumbing in my son’s room is ridiculously noisy.

I’m a fan of open plan living, but you may want to add doors and simple blind shutters to the master bedroom, just to keep the kitchen smells out of the bedroom.

A site you might like:
There’s a load of keen architects here from around the world that could put in their 5 cents worth to your project and from looking at other projects, have given great ideas.

Here’s an image from Ivan Ventura, who’s working on an interesting project in terms of open plan, in Brazil.
Maybe this can give you some ideas. It’s called the Napoli House in pushpullbar, if you want to look it up.

And hey, when your working till late downstairs on the development projects, which I am sure will come once you’ve completed this great first project, your partner will want to gets some sleep while youre tapping away on the keypad.



3 chad February 15, 2008 at 10:18 am

Very interesting idea. This would give us the same amount of closet space in the rear bedroom and reduce the front bedroom by five feet. The rear room would be 8′ x 15′ and the main bedroom would be 13′ x 11.5′. Hmmm

Something certainly to consider. I like that the closets might nor reach the ceiling and this would let in natural light to the bathroom.

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