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Art and Interior Furnishings for the 100k House

by Nic Darling on January 13, 2009 · 14 comments

in Design,interior design

I was tossing this stuff out on Twitter all day yesterday, but I figured there are probably a good number of you that don’t use Twitter or follow me, Chad or 100khouse. Don’t worry, tweeting is not a prerequisite for knowing what’s going on . . . yet.

We are getting to the point where the imminent completion of our first homes and the promise of PR to follow is making us really start to think about the inside of the 100k House. Basically, we are going to be taking this home out on the town, and we need it dressed to impress. This means cool furniture and impressive art. Not much to ask on a low budget with little time, right?

Many of you probably read Chad’s recent post on interior design. If not, take a minute to read it and the comments that follow. Done? Good, you should have a pretty good grasp of the basic concept behind the design and the types of pieces for which we might be looking. But, how do we get them at a cost we can afford? I’ll give you my thoughts and then I’ll be wanting yours.

We are looking for furniture designers, manufacturers or retailers who might have an interest in exchanging discounted rates or loaned pieces for PR exposure. We have a number of print and television outlets already interested in covering the finished project, and we expect more as the finish date approaches. While we are not the biggest deal beneath a roof, we feel like their might be some value in tying a couch or chair to the 100k House.

This might also be a good opportunity for the right interior designer to make some noise. We are shameless promoters of everyone who works with us or helps us out.

We have beautiful expansive walls and great natural light in the 100k House. What better environment for displaying art? Naturally, it will have to be modern, minimalist work to fit with the decor and our general aesthetic.

Our idea right now is to offer artists the chance to display work on our walls for a month or two at a time. With all of the open houses, parties, meetings and other happenings this should give the artist good exposure while allowing us to display real art at a rate we can afford (free). We would also promote the artwork through our various online channels.

Your Thoughts:
How do you feel about these ideas for stocking our interior? Do you know any furniture folks who might be want to work with us? Any artists who might be interested in showing their work? Can you think of any other avenues we could use for acquiring interesting pieces at an affordable rate?

Help us out in the comments.

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Affordable & Modern Interior Design for the 100K House | 100K House Blog
January 21, 2009 at 3:33 pm

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1 Goose January 13, 2009 at 4:11 pm

But seriously, and just because it struck me as an idea and I figured I would share – what about photography? I think not only is it obviously considered art, but (at least to me – one without a traditional art skillset (painting/collaging/etc.)) photography subconsciously creates a sense of DIY art for the average person. It can still be sparse, beautiful, professional, but deep down, don’t many people believe they’ve at least taken one photo they think should be framed and mounted on a wall?

To me, that speaks somewhat to the vibe you’re going for.

2 tlynch January 13, 2009 at 4:21 pm

Is there a single brand that you think is the perfect match for the 100k house?

Ikea? To cheap, low quality.

West Elm? Could be good.

Room and Board? Could be good.

DWR? To expensive.

You might consider tying to work out a ‘furniture package’ with a single company. If you promised to offer and promote their furniture as an option on your first 25 houses or so, you might be able to get a set at cost or free.

People might be interested in buying their furniture with their house because it could be folded into the mortgage.

3 matthew harrison smith January 14, 2009 at 12:35 am

i think you should repurpose construction materials that would otherwise be “waste” from building the house. especially if they are colorful. collect them in clear cubes and mount them on the walls perhaps. yay!

4 Michael McTigue January 14, 2009 at 9:37 am

I would talk to the PR departments at Moore, PAFA, and UArts to see if any students would be interested in loaning their work.

5 Rob January 14, 2009 at 10:30 am

I have to disagree with the comment about West Elm. My experience is that their furniture is …well lacking in quality. It felt super cheap when I sat in it. On the other hand I think Ikea is actually of better quality, although not by much, and of course you have to like the college dorm look. :)

I think it would help if you first set some parameters. For example ” you want all slick cool modern furniture, glass and metal with a flash of color” or ” you want one retro modern ala the Eames or barcelona chair” or “you want all black furniture” or “no metal”. These kind of criteria may help to narrow in your focus, of course it may also come down to who gives you the best deal. But for this instance I would argue that style trumps cost in terms of PR. This is your 1st house after all.

6 tlynch January 14, 2009 at 2:14 pm


You may be right, I have never owned anything from West Elm, I have only seen things in peoples homes and the catalog. I think that quality is key to the 100k House brand, so if West Elm has a cheap / low quality stigma attached, I would not choose them.

DWR had the partnership with Airstream:

Their furniture is just so darn expensive, but a lot of it is very good quality and lasts forever. I think people would be psyched if they could get a $10k furniture package with a Barcelona Table, Eames Lounge Chair, Tulip Table and Chairs, etc… included in their total loan amount.

7 Brandon January 14, 2009 at 3:39 pm

I have a couple items from both Ikea and West Elm in my house and I’m pleased with all of them. My kitchen table is from Ikea and is solid wood, expandable to sit 10 comfortably and looks great. My bed and side table are from West Elm. Both are solid wood, sturdy/well built, and look great. Both these manufacturers make stuff that is of good quality and also stuff that isn’t. So make sure you actually view/test the stuff first hand at their stores before you buy anything.

Another good thing about both Ikea and West Elm is they both have clearance items. Ikea has a huge clearance/damaged section where I’ve found plenty of very good buys. West Elm has clearance items less frequently but when they do it’s always a bargain.

I think DWR is not even remotely within 99.9% of peoples reach, even if you work it into a mortgage (which basically means you can’t afford it anyways). A $10k package wouldn’t even cover the very small list Tlynch made.

I think having a little bit from every range is a good road to take. I think most people’s furnishings are made up of low-mid cost items with maybe 1 or 2 more expensive pieces mixed in.

As for art try contacting places like Space 1026 to see if any of the artists who work out of there would be interested in contributing. Contacting schools, as someone else suggested also, is a good idea as well. Though I think my favorite idea was the DIY photography idea presented by Goose. All you need is a decent digital camera (8-10MP) and you can print large format images without a problem. Maybe make some frames out of construction waste. Very DIY and green at the same time. Seems like a good fit.

8 Russell Wild January 14, 2009 at 4:53 pm

I might donate a piece of art for some press.
Whos your favorite Rock Star?
Check out my black and white rock stars on myspace.

9 Kattabs January 14, 2009 at 11:41 pm

ART: Would you consider video projected artwork? I’m thinking slo-mo playback of new work from Philly’s experimental dance scene. It would draw attention to the scale of the house and raise awareness of its relationship to human bodies. Isn’t that what a house is all about? Relating to human bodies? Ha!

10 cyndi January 15, 2009 at 9:29 am

The glass coffee table in the picture looks great, but you will be sorry if you buy one. There is NO WAY to keep it looking good constantly…take it from a professional cleaner! Esp. if you are going to be showing the house a lot. it will be a constant pain..believe me! The same with any glass light fixtures that need cleaning…..

11 Nic Darling January 15, 2009 at 4:39 pm

Thanks for all the comments and offers of help. I have had a number of emails from this post including submissions of artwork which is fantastic. It seems like the “art on loan” thing is something everyone can get behind.

kattabs: A video piece might be cool, but I am concerned about the logistics. If you have more detailed concept send it over.

Russell: We’ll take a look and add you to the submission file if that’s cool.

Anyone who knows an artist that might be interested in making use of our construction waste, let me know. This could be a very cool method of creating interesting artwork in an ongoing way.

12 morgan January 16, 2009 at 12:14 am

The construction waste seems to really lend itslef to the creation of furniture more then art (save for the 1960′s era found/repurposed art) or frames for art. If you could create a near zero waste home with furnishings, the material cost would only increase slightly from the actual building materials (as you would need some minor additions to hold items together and prepare them). I like the idea of tables and chairs created 95-99% from building material waste. Do you get any LEED points for that?

13 jonathan January 18, 2009 at 8:17 pm

call vetrazzo ( They have been selling countertops made out of recycled beer bottles. They are beautiful and also eligible for LEED credits. I bet they will work with you on a discounted item in exchange for publicity.

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