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Keeping Up and Catching Up

by Nic Darling on May 8, 2009 · 5 comments

in media mentions,Press and News,site updates

Keeping Up

With all of the press we have been fortunate enough to get recently, including a great article in the Philadelphia Inquirer this morning, now seemed like a good time to provide some info on how you can keep track of what we are doing and why. I know we have given this information before, but we thought it might be nice to provide it again here for those who are new or may have missed it.

The Blog
Since you are reading it right now, you probably know about this blog, but perhaps you didn’t know that you can subscribe to our feed via RSS and have it delivered to your reader (I use Google Reader), or for those who aren’t into feed reading, you can subscribe to receive updates via email. This saves you the hassle of visiting our actual site every time you want to see if we have written something. And if you do become a regular reader, be sure to comment. The conversation is where it all happens.

The Newsletter
Our monthly (we try) newsletter is a great way to get consise information about what is happening at Postgreen. Even those who read the blog everyday may find that subscribing to the newsletter is a useful extra. The information tends to be a little cleaner and more definite than the speculation and hurried prose that sometimes characterizes our blog posts. Subscribe today and we promise we won’t bother you more than once a month.

Email Marketing by iContact

Often maligned in the media, we have actually found Twitter to be a great communication tool. 140 characters is often more than enough space to get key messages out. You can follow us under several different accounts.

nicdarling – My personal account which is often as much about beer and disc golf as it is about green building.
chadludeman – Chad’s personal account. You never quite know what you’re going to get.
100khouse – This account follows the ongoing saga of our first project and the research and design that it spawned. Great for construction updates, material ideas and other green building tidbits.
postgreenhomes – Our newest Twitter account is designed to keep people informed on all of our residential projects and the upcoming Postgreen Homes site that is currently under development.

We have been somewhat remiss in keeping up with our Facebook stuff but we are there. It is a good place to connect with us for information about events and, as we improve our interaction, new pictures, videos and other content. Checkout our Facebook page and become a fan.

Want to see new photos of construction, new floor plans, new renderings? Than you should swing by our Flickr page now and then. We try to post all our newest images there as quickly as possible.

This may be surprising to some of you (it occasionally surprises us), but we actually have a company site at It is not currently particularly up to date, but we are working on a new version of it which should be coming soon.

Catching Up

Those of you who are new might be wondering exactly who we are and what we are up to. You might also not be willing to scan through 250 blog posts to find out. For you we have made a list of 10 key posts that describe the project and our philosophy behind it. If you want to know a whole lot about the project and our company these posts are a great place to start. Be sure to read the comments too. There is always great stuff in the conversations.

  1. Why not start at the begining with our very first post.
  2. And with a video that gives some background info on the company.
  3. See our initial preliminary list of needs and wants for the house.
  4. Get a taste for our design thinking and research with this zero energy design post.
  5. See the decision making process enacted in regards to insulation.
  6. Interested in budgets? So are we. Check it out.
  7. Take a look at our LEED situation in a short post with useful links.
  8. Want to know our thoughts on Prefab?
  9. Here is where we ended up on mechanicals.
  10. And finally, check out where we are headed next.

If that isn’t enough or if you were just hoping for something more rambling and esoteric, take a stroll through our Philosophy posts. These will give you some background on the whys behind what we are doing.

Well, hopefully that is enough info for even the most curious among you. If not, let us know what else you want in the comments.

If you enjoyed reading this post I can promise you'll love our new writing over at Postgreen Homes. Yeah, we know that's the same thing your favorite band said and their new album is nowhere near as good as their early stuff, but seriously, we are actually still getting better.

There also isn't much conversation to be had here . . . at least not with us. So come on over to the Postgreen Homes Blog and tell us what you think of our new(ish) digs and crazy ideas. We will be sure to tell you what we think of your opinion.

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1 Todd Oskin May 8, 2009 at 6:21 pm

Cool article. Congrats again.

1 quick question, not directly related to the topic of your post:

Is there any particular reason your future homes are also only 2 stories (+ basement on some)?

Can you build 3 story homes with SIPs?

Density is one of the good things about urban areas, but homes that are only 2 stories don’t create much living space for more than 2 or 3 people.

I realize that your target audience has been young couples, but have you also considered building 3 story homes?

Just curious.

2 Nic Darling May 11, 2009 at 9:47 am

We can build 3 stories with SIPs and we may in the future. However, reducing home size is a key part of our model. Density, in my mind, might be 4 people living in a two bedroom home. Rather than 2 people living in a three bedroom home, a situation which seems much more common.

For more density we might think about stacking homes rather than increasing the size of a single unit. We have models in mind that take that approach.

Break out the bunk beds and get back to living together. I grew up that way and I am, arguably, fairly well adjusted.

That said, keep an eye out for a slightly larger single family model which uses a bit more of the available vertical space. Coming soon to a project near you.

3 moderns-r-us May 11, 2009 at 1:57 pm

That is some great press in the Inquirer.

4 Kevin D May 11, 2009 at 9:53 pm

The comments posted on the Inquirer are quite a shock. Roughly 19 of 34 commenters are pretty emphatic about how ugly they think it is. That subject has rarely come up in this blog because most of us 100K fans have been looking for something “new and different”, and like the aesthetics. It wasn’t designed to please everyone, BUT…. one guy practically encourages graffiti.

In Denver, some of the “Dwell box modern” builders try to ward off these critics by using brick veneer. The ploy sort of works, though the budget suffers.

5 Kevin D May 13, 2009 at 12:21 am

On the plus side, in the poll that ran along the online article, 52.9% of the them said they would definitely like to live in it.

Very valuable but cheap market research, I’d say.

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