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Chad Ludeman

100k and 120k House for Sale

March 12, 2011

It’s a bittersweet time for the owners of the 100K House project homes. Both homes are being put back on the market for the first time since they were built as both families move on to the next phase in their journey through life. My wife, Courtney, and I are expecting our second child (Mr. [...]

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James Bedell Adds Some Pro to Our Lighting Designs

February 3, 2011

James Bedell (@jamesbedell) has been a follower of the 100K project from the beginning. He also happens to be a young and talented professional lighting designer in NYC working for firms such as Tirshchwell Architectural Lighting. He founded Build2Sustain in 2008, a consulting firm with the mission of bringing sustainable design to commercial environments. Over [...]

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Design – Build Cost – Energy Efficiency Infographic

January 12, 2011

I have a topic for discussion that has been brewing in my head for some time. It is illustrated below in an educatedguessographic about the New Construction Home Building in the US. Discuss. Hypothesis: If builders built homes in the “Market Gap” circle, they would sell them. If banks lended to builders that were catering [...]

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Permeable Pavement Options for LEED Projects

December 8, 2010

We have started to explore larger projects with our development company in Philadelphia that include shared off-street parking lots with a common driveway. This provides a new opportunity to explore more sustainable pavement options than the traditional blacktop used in most projects. Part of our research, as always, is devoted to finding the best mix [...]

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A Better Low-Flow Showerhead?

November 23, 2010

It’s been some time since we’ve spoken directly about low-flow showerheads and other plumbing fixtures. We recently suggested our favorite low-flow showerhead to a client, the Jet-Stream 1.5 gpm economy showerhead for trial in their home and some rental apartments to save on both their water bills and water heating bills. They not only tested [...]

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Wireless Light Switches + Floor Outlets = Tighter & More Insulated Home

October 15, 2010

Earlier this week we posted on cutting labor costs associated with Cellulose insulation installs. It occured to me in some of the comments that we have never posted on our “magical” electrical strategy to help improve the insulation and air tightness of our homes. The truth of the matter is that we actually don’t use [...]

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Cutting Cellulose Insulation Install Costs?

October 12, 2010

As you may well know, we are big fans of cellulose insulation. The Skinny project was the first time we used cellulose and we learned some valuable lessons that we plan to apply to future projects like Avant Garage that Nic has been telling you about lately. As always, we are attempting to continually improve [...]

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Energy Star Home – The Hybrid Construction Way

September 8, 2010

Over 1 million Energy Star Homes have been built to date in the US. Compare this to just over 6,500 LEED Certified homes and probably less than 20 Passive House Certified homes in the US. While Energy Star is much less stringent than the latter certifications, it is easy to see which standard the bigger [...]

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Blown In Cellulose – The Ultimate “Green” Insulation?

August 16, 2010

In my last post about super-insulated wall assemblies, I referenced a future post about the superiority of Dense-pack Blown-in Cellulose insulation over other insulating products. Well, this is that post. We’ve talked about insulation in the past, but after extensive research and pitches from other insulation fanatics we’d like to put Cellulose in the spotlight [...]

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Most Affordable & Effective Super-Insulated Wall Assembly?

July 16, 2010

You know by now that we’re all about finding the best bang for our buck when it comes to energy efficient construction. That’s how this whole thing started. It’s been a while since we’ve posted on advancements in our building philosophy, so why not talk about our next super-insulated wall assembly that we think could [...]

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