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What does the $100,000 budget include?

The $100K figure covers the hard construction budget only. The price of the land and all soft costs are separate. Examples of soft costs include architect fees, zoning & permitting fees, LEED certification, engineering fees, general consulting…

Where did the $100,000 target budget come from?

Once Postgreen decided to pursue a case study to prove that a modern and green home could be built affordably, research was done to determine what “affordable” was. Our research indicated that the two most common numbers referenced for building an affordable, modern home were $100,000 and $100 per square foot. Hence the roughly 1,000 square foot design of the $100K House.

Why is the 100K House such a modern style of architecture?

For one, Postgreen specializes in modern and green architecture in all of their developments. For this reason we would not pursue a traditional style of home due to our brand and business model. Secondly, the modern design allows for a very open floorplan and simple exterior. Both of these factors greatly reduce the cost of the home by eliminating costs associated with material, complexity and labor of traditional designs. For instance, less walls and interior doors, results in less cost and simplifies electrical wiring and HVAC design.

Are there investment opportunities in the 100K House brand?

Yes, in the future we will be seeking investors to back specific 100K House projects in order to increase the growth and reach of the brand faster and further than Postgreen would be able to do on their own. For more information and to take our investor survey, please visit our invest page.
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Will the 100K House be available for sale outside of Philadelphia?

Yes, we have plans to make the building plans and material list available for purchase to be built outside of Philadelphia. There are currently no plans to assist with land acquisition and contractor selection, so these would need to be provided by the buyer along with code compliance advice from a local architecture and engineering firm.

Will the 100K House be available as a Prefab in the future?

Currently, there are no plans to make a prefab version of the 100K House. It is our firm belief that the design of the home lends itself to be much more affordably built by local contractors on site in conjunction with a local SIP manufacturer. Using local contractors also supports the local economy which is a key component of our mission.

Will more 100K Houses be available for sale in Philadelphia?

Yes. Postgreen is working on developing more homes based on the original 100K House model in the East Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia in the next few months. In 2009, the development of homes will spread into other developing neighborhoods surrounding center city Philadelphia. We are also working on a process to allow individuals to have their own custom 100K Home built on a lot of their choosing in Philadelphia with the help of Postgreen and its development partners.

If you would like to be included in the email notification list for new 100K Homes as they become available, simply enter your email address into the form below:


Can I have a $100K House built on a plot of land I own or intend to buy in Philadelphia by Postgreen?

Yes, we are working on providing this service to customers in the near future. One of the goals is to be able to deliver custom homes to clients that have roughly 10% built in equity when they move in. In other words, a client would be able to have a home worth $330K built for them for the price of only $300K. The business plan to offer this is a bit tricky, but stay tuned for more information soon.

If you would like to inquire about this option feel free to email us at info [at]

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What makes the 100K House a green house?

There are many factors that can make a home “green” today. In the 100K House we have focused on key elements that will give us the most bang for the buck and are also using the LEED for Homes rating system to verify that we have accomplished our goals.

The three biggest factors that make the 100K House a top notch “green home” in our eyes is the dense urban location, the smaller than average size and the superior envelope that doubles code requirements. The home is 50% more energy efficient that a code home, will provide a much healthier indoor air quality, will use less than half the water of a standard home, creates almost no waste in building and uses sustainable materials where possible.

What is LEED for Homes?

LEED stands for Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design and is a third party rating system for green buildings created by the USGBC (United States Green Building Council) run by none other than our US government.  There is an category checklist with mandatory and optional items. Depending on the amount of points amassed in each of these categories, a home will recieve a certified, silver, gold or platinum rating. We are aiming for the highest rating – Platinum. For more on the LEED process check out this LEED Summary post and our LEED Category for more detailed information.

Why was LEED for Homes chosen for the 100K House project?

LEED for Homes is the only third-party verified green rating system for residential homes and adds credibility to any green home, which is the main reason we have chosen to use it. By following the LEED guidelines, we ensure that we are building the greenest home possible on our budget while also having a third-party insure that our subcontractors are following all of the guidelines that have been given to them from the beginning.

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