Welcome to 100k House

This blog began as a simple record of one team’s attempt to build a LEED Platinum home for $100,000 in hard construction costs. It followed the design process, the budget questions, plumbing and air conditioning issues, the nagging doubts, the unreasonable confidence and eventually the construction. Through this process it grew into something greater than a single project. It became a conversation about the way we build and the way we live.

Every blog starts as a sort of internal monologue made public. The process of writing the first posts is akin to talking to oneself on a crowded street. Yet, despite our obvious craziness, we have been fortunate enough to attract a collection of insightful readers who expand on our ideas, returning them to us more complete than we first conceived them. We don’t know why they decided to listen to our ramblings in the first place, but we are very grateful for their contributions to this blog.

We will continue to cover our projects and those that inspire us. In the process we hope to discuss the reasons behind the way we choose to live and how the conditions of our world are forcing us to question those choices. We hope, with your help, to continue to refine our concept of responsible development and efficient building and home design. We hope to open up the consequences of our consumption, challenge the blind adherence to the past and find new and better ways to live and work. We also plan to have a bit of fun and would love to have you join us for that as well.

Get on board. Subscribe to our feed via RSS or Email. Read the blog and please comment freely. Otherwise, we are back to being those crazy guys on the street shouting a conversation without the cell phone earpiece sign of sanity.