House Requirements Draft

A preliminary list of needs and wants for the design of the house. Notice which is longer.

Design Day


  • 2 bedrooms (one for owners and one for guests and/or children)
  • 1 bath
  • open kitchen dining and living space with double height for a significant portion
  • study/office area
  • lots of natural light
  • storage for books
  • patio that is an extension of living space
  • outdoor space to garden, plant and grill
  • extremely energy efficient shell
  • high efficiency HVAC system
  • rain water collection system for watering outdoor plants
  • storage for bikes, sports gear, tools & other unruly equipment


  • 2nd bath
  • passive cooling design (no air conditioning needed)
  • passive heating design (minimal heating or wood/pellet stove only needed)
  • 2nd story deck(s)
  • green roof
  • passive solar hot water heating system
  • radiant heat on ground floor
  • Solar PV system (leased from utility company to eliminate installation costs)
  • roof access / roof deck
  • parking for scooter / motorcycle
  • electric car powering station
  • whole house power off switch
  • whole house energy monitoring system
  • whole house audio system (speakers wired in walls/cielings, outdoor speakers, iPod docking station…)
  • catwalk
  • fire pole

Do we have all the needs covered? How many wants will we be able to fit in the design and budget?

ISA & Brian Phillips in Dwell Magazine
ISA & Brian Phillips in Dwell Magazine