Size of 100k house

In 1970 the average home size in the US was 1,400 square feet. Today it’s over 2,300 square feet (source). The 100k house is currently planned to be 1,000 square feet. How did we arrive at this number? Good question.

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Here are the conscious reasons I can remember:

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  • It works nicely with our two budget goals of $100K total construction costs and $100 psf construction costs.
  • It’s just enough space for 2 beds and a bath (maybe even two) but not too much.
  • It’s just right for a single person, couple or even small family (kids like bunk beds and they’re small).
  • From personal experience my last house was too big at 1,400 square feet and my current loft is almost perfect at 900.
  • It will adjust our LEED point requirements down 6 points without breaking a sweat (7 if we take off another 10 square feet).
  • It will be a cinch to heat and cool whether passively or mechanically.
  • It’s a nice round number that makes our back of envelope calculations much easier.
  • Homeowners will be able to say things like “I can fit 5 of my houses in your McMansion,” or “My house is smaller than your garage.”
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