Inspirational Architecture for the 100K House – 1

The “007 house” by Rob Paulus Architect is a bit large at 1,600 square feet to be a perfect model for the 100k house but it really captures the simplicity of layout and materials used that will need to be incorporated into the 100k house. The key is that it simplifies without sacrificing quality of design which is the common theme with all of the homes we will be posting that have been inspiration for the 100k house.

Inspirational Architecture – 3 – 215 sq ft cabin


Inspirational Architecture – 2 – wooden houses

I found this house on one of my favorite blogs – materialicious. There is never a shortage of cool architecture or materials at this blog. It’s worth a peruse if you haven’t visited before. I also skimmed through the comments on the original post again and found a reference to another great house that is 1,200 square feet and built for $120K. That’s hitting our $100/ sq ft target and very close to the overall goal of $100K. The house is the “Burnette House” and can be found at Wendell Burnette Architects.

Inspirational Architecture – 2 – wooden houses