Best Design from Yesterday’s Design Meeting

We had a very successful design meeting at ISA yesterday. We reviewed about five different floorplan and elevation options they had come up with in the past few weeks as well as the direction they would like to head for the exterior and facades. Below is the design that most closely resembles our favorite option going forward.

Postgreen Homes House Tattoos

Click on them to view larger images in our postgreen flickr account. Today I went ahead and created a 100k House photo collection that currently contains a 100K House Plans photo set. More images and sets will be added to this collection as we progress.

100K House Design/Build Service?

The Exterior

The image of the exterior here is actually of the corner house that will be right next to the 100k house. The view is from the rear of the house and the 100k house will share a wall with this new house on one side and another existing house on the other side. We haven’t decided on final materials yet but the proposed is basically concrete block on the bottom (the dark gray) with an overlapping shell of fiber cement board (light gray). I love the level of detail and interest that ISA has incorporated into the design of the house despite the modest budget!

100K House Design/Build Service?

The Floorplan

The floorplan is basic but allows for most of the requirements we set forth for the design from the beginning. The floorplan is open with a double height space that should allow plenty of natural light to enter the home. There is room for two bedrooms and a small office area overlooking the double height space on the loft. Also, all of the plumbing and most of the electric is located in one central core of the building which should reduce cost of installation.

Future Changes

Some of the changes we discussed about incorporating into the next iteration of he design are as follows:

  • Reduce the bathroom on the first floor to a European style powder room to save space (no bath/shower)
  • Utilizing radiant floor heat and a direct hot water system should greatly reduce the size of the utility closet
  • An efficient single washer/dryer unit should save additional space
  • The bathrooms could be located against one of the side walls to save further open up the floorplan
  • The bathroom on the 2nd floor could be rotated 90 degrees in order to divide two bedroom spaces or a bedroom and an office on the second floor
  • A thru-wall air conditioner in the top floor bedroom will keep the most important area comfortable for sleep while reducing the cooling system cost to a minimum
  • A simple green roof on the low section of the roof will add visual interest when viewed out the window and additional insulation
  • The higher portion of the roof will be reserved for solar systems in the future

Other Questions to Answer

We still have a few questions to answer like do we need a small deck off of the master bedroom on the second floor and do the bedrooms need to be in the rear of the house for added privacy. Once the design is complete it will be up to the budget to determine if we can afford some of our top features such as radiant heating and SIPs construction will be possible. We hope to have our next meeting in 2-3 weeks with our builders, Level 5, to begin discussing the budget in detail.

Overall I’m extremely pleased with ISA’s preliminary designs and direction we are headed in.