Inspirational Architecture – 3 – 215 sq ft cabin

While some think 1,000 square feet is way too small, Cyril Brule (a French architect) is living in his 215 square foot Le Cabanon!

Check out all the pics at this materialicious post where this fantastic quote is from – “Like he says: he’s young and lives simply. His living space is really all about ‘outdoors’. What more do you need?”

Inspirational Architecture – 2 – wooden houses

I often wonder if the Philly zoning codes would allow us to build homes this small, could we sell them? What more does a young single need that is on the go 90% of the time they are not sleeping? If you had the choice between sharing a rental with 1 or more roommates and owning a sweet “cabin” like this for the same monthly payment, which would you choose?

Gouin Green – First SIP / Modular Hybrid Home
Gouin Green – First SIP / Modular Hybrid Home