Taking ISA’s “Core” Concept to the Next Level?

Ever since Nick Allen posted the comment below earlier today I’ve been obsessed with the concept of turning ISA’s “Core” concept in their design into a prefab element.


Small Cool 2008 at Apartment Therapy Blog

While we gave up on prefabbing entire homes long ago due to cost and the constraints of Philly’s narrow infill lots, there could be something to the combination of SIPs and locally prefabbed “ISA Cores” that could be “dropped” into the shell of a house to expedite the construction timeline.

Check out the links in Nick’s comment below for examples of this concept in practice.

Modern, Minimalist and Cheap Ceiling Fans

Originally posted by Nick Allen from the Modern Residential Design blog:
Kitchen/Bathroom I think the kitchen/bathroom pod is a great solution. Prefabbing would be good too.I thought these might be of use, some old links I had about kitchen/bathroom pods:


Modern, Minimalist and Cheap Ceiling Fans


and star endorsements too: Jade uses them in her apartments…..http://www.jadenyc.com

It’s an idea that is certainly worthy of consideration…

Image credit: Moco Loco Blog