Second Radiant Heating System Quote

A few days ago we received our second quote on a radiant heating system from Don Vance at Radiantec. The quote was for an Open Direct System whereas the first quote was for a closed system that would require a bit more hardware. Radiantec came in at just over $1,200 for everything but the heat source which we would supply ourselves. This is quite a bit lower than the roughly $1900 quote we received from Radiant Direct that would also require additional fees for converting to an open system.

Second Radiant Heating System Quote

I also got a call on Christmas Eve from a friend who is a contractor in NY and had seen the first post on radiant heat. He mentioned that he had installed similar systems in NY with a plumber for less than $2K including labor. He mentioned that it really helps to have a plumber who is familiar with radiant installs and also has discounts on all of the raw materials needed for the job. I added that it also helps to have a plumber willing to pass on those savings in time and materials onto the customer.

New Mechanicals for 100K

Further investigation is needed on radiant by our builder, but for now we are happy with the estimates we have received and are confident we can now afford what is considered a premium heating system in our very affordable home.

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