Plans Released to Builder for Rough Quote

As promised here are our updated plans from ISA for both houses that we have just released to Level 5 to give us an estimate on construction costs. ISA named the corner house next to the 100K House the “120K House” and I like it. Once they come back with budget and comments we will sit down for a long meeting with the design team to discuss changes that need to be made to the final design before submitting plans to the city for zoning approval.

Draw Schedule for the 100K House Project


Daily Construction Images of 100K House Project to Date

You’ll notice that the rendering look quite a bit different with the new roof profile, cladding material and window configuration. The material you see there is standing seem metal which can be purchased for about $5 psf. For other material specs and details called out on the images, visit the postgreen flickr set where you can view or download the original sizes.

Foundations Completed on the 100K House Project

View Flickr Slideshow of New Plans Here

It should take Level 5 a week or two to come back with their estimates and the next design meeting will immediately follow. Feel free to offer your input on the design as we only have a few weeks to get our final changes in now. My wife thinks the new front looks a bit like a fortress. Playing with the window configuration a bit more may help this or we could just go the other direction and add some gun turrets and replace the CMU wall with a sandbag wall. I also hope to speak with more neighbors and the local zoning committee about their thoughts on the design.