Possible New Layout for the Ground Floor

In our last design meeting we decided to shorten the footprint of the house from 42′ to 36′ and to remove the half bath on the ground floor. This has caused us to rethink our floorplans a bit. I have been struggling with the kitchen and ground floor layout over the past few days. Below is what I have sketched as my ideal layout so far (click to see full size in flickr).

Three bedroom Postgreen Homes plan.


Second Floor Layout Concept with Reduced Footprint

As you can see the core is all but gone as we decided to go ahead and move the mechanicals to the 2nd floor to allow for an open floorplan. Whenever we put the kitchen along one wall it just seemed too plain in a large room with a concrete floor. ISA has wanted to divide the large space into two from the beginning and I think this accomplishes that while still maintaining flexibility.

Second Floor Layout Concept with Reduced Footprint

I took an example layout from ISA with a peninsula and an island breaking up the space and made it into just one peninsula by moving the fridge, oven and microwave over under the stairs. This allows us to keep the peninsula extremely minimal with only a sink and an electric cooktop. The countertop was expanded past the normal 26″ to 42″ to allow for more counter space and a nice spot to sit and eat. Since we will be using inexpensive cabinets, I think this extra counter space makes the kitchen look a bit more unique and modern.

The layout remains flexible as you can put a dining table on either side of the peninsula. There is also room beneath the kitchen to add a Stainless kitchen work table for added counter space and storage. Free standing shelving could be added also to add more storage or pantry space for the avid chef. Last but not least, we maintain a very large area in the front of the house for a living room. I think this is very important in such a small home to allow maximum space for entertaining, relaxing or setting up our ever expanding A/V centers…

Below is my inspiration for this kitchen layout from Boffi. We won’t be able to duplicate this sleek table, but I think we can get a similar effect by leaving off the bottom drawer of cabinets to increase the space between the floor and bottom of the cabinets. This will require a small dishwasher (pricey drawer unit?) and a separate electric cooktop. The budget will tell if we can afford this.