Kitchen Peninsula Cabinet Design Idea – Front View

I went ahead and sketched up what I have in mind for the cabinets in the peninsula this AM since there was mild interest and a bit of confusion as to what I meant.

Appliances for the 100K House

What we have here is a 10′ wide section of cabinets and countertop with the 6″-12″ deep chase for electrical and plumbing runs to the second floor on the far right. I went ahead and threw a couple shallow, open shelves on the end of this for a bit more storage near the stove. The 10′ space is divided into cabinet widths from left to right of 24″, 24″, 30″, 30″ and 12″. There are three deep, 30″ drawers and three small 12″ wide drawers. I like large drawers as they provide for efficient and maximum storage while minimizing hardware costs. Lastly, there is a hanging shelf from the ceiling that could be made of sheet lumber, metal mesh or a translucent material.

Custom Bench Dog Design Table for 100K

Venting the cooktop still needs some further investigation but I am hoping that by placing one of the HRV exaust vents on the ceiling directly above it, that it may be enough to take care of this need without adding an extra exhast sytem.

Custom Bench Dog Design Table for 100K

This, again requires a pricey drawer dishwasher to fit to the left of the sink and a cooktop that is less than 5″ deep. The hope is that keeping the kitchen minimal will allow us extra budget for nice appliances.

Nic, I didn’t have time to draw you in the diagram but I’m sure you could cut and paste a nice image of yourself in there for reference.