SIPs Have Been Chosen as the Building Method of Choice

Last week I had a meeting with Scott at Level 5 to discuss using SIPs in detail. We called one of the manufacturers and asked all questions that we had regarding our project. Once we got off the phone Scott quickly said that he was willing to go forward with SIPs or the project and that is sounded like a pretty decent system.

Preliminary SIP Manufacturer Evaluation

This was great news to me as this should both reduce our construction cost and dramatically improve the insulation and air-tightness of the home. I estimate that this should shave another $10K off of our construction budget which should bring us to our $100K budget that we have been seeking. I’ve updated the budget to reflect this along with a couple other planned reductions to help us hit our figure.

Preliminary SIP Manufacturer Evaluation

My back of the envelope estimate went something like this:

Soil Testing and Next Steps
  • $49K original quote for framing, insulation, waterproofing and roofing.
  • Less than $15K for SIPs and lumber delivered to site.
  • Reduce labor to 3-4 days and recruit some free labor from those interested in learning about SIPs.
  • Faster construction means less interest on construction loan accumulated.
  • Minimum $10K reduction in overall cost should be achievable.

Not very scientific, I know, but it is good enough for now and I can’t re-quote every aspect with each change and still have happy trades people that want to build the homes.