New Floorplans and Elevations from ISA

ISA and I have had a few meetings since the discussions on the new floorplans last week. If you look closely you will notice that we have incorporated some reader suggestions such as surrounding the new bathroom layout with closet space rather than having them run the length of the side wall. Special thanks to David for this suggestion.

Best Design from Yesterday’s Design Meeting


Postgreen Homes House Tattoos


Postgreen Homes House Tattoos

The kitchen and ground floor layout have been debated the most. In the current plans we have a sleek island or peninsula with all of the bulky appliances and storage hidden under the stairs. We have made a few sketches where the stairway and the storage and cabinetry below it are made into one piece that is disconnected from the wall an upper level. If we can’t pull this off design or budget wise then we will most likely look at keeping the peninsular where it is and adding the bulky storage along the opposite wall of the stairs to make a simpler L-shaped kitchen. This will leave the plan open and flexible while making the task of sourcing affordable cabinetry much easier.

The elevations show a mixture of stucco and James Hardi siding mounted vertical in strips of varying widths. I like the “light mist” color a lot which is basically a light grey. We talked about painting a few random strips with a different color for an interesting and cheap effect. We have some more research to do on the labor involved with mounting the siding in different configurations as well as how we can handle the edges and corners without making the home look too traditional.