Window Article and Thoughts on Fiberglass Windows

I have been in contact with Tara Taffera, the editor of Door & Window Manufacturer Magazine, over the past few months regarding what windows we plan to use on the 100K House. Yesterday I received the February issue in the mail that Tara sent me with an article on windows in LEED for Homes projects. The article was called “LEEDing the Way – Industry Programs Lead the Way Toward Greener Homes” and included a blurb on our project which I scanned in below.

Pella Proline Windows Chosen for 100K House


Pella Proline Windows Chosen for 100K House

The article speaks a bit about wood, fiberglass and vinyl windows in terms of which is best for LEED projects. It does not pick a clear winner but has a lot of nice things to say about fiberglass from a cost and sustainability point of view. Currently we have spec’ed out wooden Pella Proline windows which are Energy Star rated and a nice overall window that is still affordable. Since I have been seeing fiberglass come up a lot recently for sustainable and affordable projects, I’d like to take a closer look at some of the options out there before deciding on Pella.

Plans Released to SIP Manufacturers for Quote

A couple of the manufacturers I like are Marvin Integrity Windows and Accurate Dorwin Windows. Both offer fiberglass windows in an awning or casement style. Pella has a fiberglass line but does not offer either awning or casement window styles. Both windows also spec out lower U-Values than the Pella Proline models with Marvin offering as low as .28 and Accurate Dorwin as low as a whopping .18!

I have already quoted Marvin windows and the price is similar to Pella and I think it has the chance of being 10% cheaper if negotiated a bit further. I imagine that the Accurate Dorwin models will be a bit pricier, especially if we want the most efficient models but it is worth a look. These are also from Canada which means the weak dollar is in play also…

I also found this good post on fiberglass windows from a blog I plan to check out more thoroughly, EcoDEEP Haus, about the design and build/rehab of a home in St. Paul, MN for 2 architects and their families. One of the original articles I read on fiberglass windows is from the Window of Opportunity post on the From the Ground Up blog I have been following. This is where I heard about the Accurate Dorwin windows first.

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