Zoning Error?

We received the letter from Philadelphia’s Department of Licenses and Inspections that we had been waiting for since last week. At first glance, it was bad news as we were rejected for “over the counter” zoning approvals that we were hoping for. I sent a copy to Brian from ISA and he quickly returned an email stating that he thought they had made an error in their assessment.

Plans Submitted to Philly for Building Permits

The rejection was because we did not include any off-street parking in our plan in the form of a garage or parking area. There is a very old part of the Philly code that requires this for all homes. The is however a more recent addition to the code that states that parking is not required for new home developments of four or less units. Ours is only two homes so certainly falls under this. I am also on my neighborhood zoning committee and have never seen a home rejected by the city for this reason either.

Feedback from Local Neighborhood Zoning Committee

Time for another trip to Philly’s Municipal Building! I can’t wait…

Plans Submitted to City of Philadelphia Zoning Department