LEED for Homes Checklist

The LEED for Homes Checklist is simply an excel spreadsheet that lists all items in each of the eight categories where you can obtain points. For each category there may be a few items that are prerequisites or mandatory measures. For all other items there is usually a range of points that can be obtained based on how well or thoroughly you address the specific item. For instance, 2 points can be obtained if the home is built in an area determined as “moderate density” by the guidelines, but 3 or 4 points can be obtained by achieving “high” and “very high” density respectively. This is the “Compact Development” point under the “Sustainable Sites” category.

HERS Index Rating Initial Evaluation Results

The 100K House LEED Checklist (.xls) can now be found on our documents page for reference.

Innovation & Design Process (ID) – LEED for Homes Review

The LEED Checklist is the most important document during the process of achieving LEED certification on any project. It succinctly displays every detail of the process and which items a project is shooting for and to what degree they are aiming to accomplish. A quick glance through this three page spreadsheet will also give someone a very good idea of what the 114 page LEED for Homes document requires of a new project.

LEED for Homes Checklist

At the top is listed basic information about the project including the project name, builder name and project team leader. Right below that is listed the basic info about the home – type, beds, floor area and the adjusted certification thresholds for certification that are based upon the square footage adjustment (we’ll address this in the next post).

The next gray band is simply a summary of the points filled out in each category once the spreadsheet is complete and the corresponding certification level. You will see on our spreadsheet that we are shooting for a total of 90 points which will give us a Platinum certification with our home size adjustment.

The bulk of the spreadsheet then covers all aspects of each of the eight categories. There is a box for each item where you can check whether or not you will be seeking that point and if so, how many points. At the very end of the spreadsheet is a series of boxes to be signed off by various members of a project’s team.

Next, we will discuss the Home Size Adjustment calculation which is one of my favorite sections in the LEED for Homes document.