New Archives Page for the Blog

It’s the weekend so I get to spend some time on my long list of desired upgrades for the blog here at 100K House. This morning I added a new Archives page to the site. I must give Mr Chis Pearson credit for this upgrade. His blogging ideas are so simple, but so brilliant.

New 100K HOMES Page to Prepare for Future Sales

The new archives page lists the archives in three formats – by month, by category and individual posts. My favorite is this last method that lists ever single post ever written in one giant list from newest to oldest. It’s a great way to quickly scan old post titles to see if there is anything interesting that you might want to read. Lastly, I’ve also changed the format of the archive pages so that you see only a short excerpt of each post instead of the entire post. This lets you quickly scan through the month and category pages much faster to see all of the posts available.

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If you’re new to the blog, check out the archives when you have a minute to see if there are any past posts that catch your eye.

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