The 20K House Project – Inspiration from Rural Studio

It’s been some time since I posted an inspirational project here. Last week, David Buege from Rural Studio contacted me about some $20K Houses they had been building for the past few years, so I thought I’d take the time to showcase them here.

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Small Cool 2008 at Apartment Therapy Blog

Rural Studio is a remote program of the School of Architecture at Auburn University in west Alabama. For the past few years, their students have been designing and building low-income housing for only $20K in materials and labor ($10K ea). There is a Rural Development loan available through the federal government where very low income people in rural areas are able to borrow a maximum of $20,000 for home repair or construction.

Small Cool 2008 at Apartment Therapy Blog

The Rural Studio embarks on many projects each year, but the 20K House project was started in order to create a precedent that homes could be built on this extremely low budget that would outlast and outperform substandard housing or trailers that many in this very low income bracket are living in. This is extremely inspirational and really puts things in perspective for our project and others like it. I hope to visit David and his crew sometime in the future to see the work they have done in person. Check out their site and blogs for much more info and images, including interiors.

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