PV Solar Panel Quote for 100K House

Just for the heck of it, I had a PV system quoted for the 10K House to see how much it would cost to take care of 100% of the electrical demand with a grid-tied system. The good people at SunPower Builders gave me an estimate today. We would need about a 5KW array to supply all of our electric. The breakdown in cost is as follows:14panel-163x300-3226566

Marker Time – Indoor Air Quality (Materials)
  • 2,800 Watt System – $28K
  • 4,000 Watt System – $39.5K
  • 6,000 Watt System – $53.9K

To think that just a few months ago, I thought that offering a PV upgrade option to convert an all-electric home to a zero energy home would be feasible.  We are using gas now for both water and space heating and have eliminated A/C and we still can’t come close. We wouldn’t even have enough room on the roof to fit enough solar panels to make it zero energy. This is a bit sobering and a testament to the fact that renewable energy is not the answer.

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