100K House Design/Build Service?

Our team was contacted a few weeks ago by a Philadelphia reader interested in having us design and build a similar home as the 100K House in the neighborhood. We are having our first meeting with them tonight.

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This has raised a new question for our team here. “Can we as a team offer affordable design services to accompany the affordable construction costs of the 100K House?”

New Postgreen Homes Model – Avant Garage

Only 5% of new homes built use a professional architect for the design. Not sure where this stat comes from but I’ve heard it many times from people I respect. Most of those using architects are wealthy and able to afford both expensive design as well as a costly home. With 100K we have created an affordable home that also happens to rank high in quality and energy efficiency. Can we do the same for the design services and have a go at that 5% figure by making good design more accessible to a wider audience?

New Postgreen Homes Model – Avant Garage

I guess we’ll find out soon. What are your thoughts?