Good and Bad News for the 100K House Project

We have had title issues on the land for the project that have kept us from settling since January. I got a call yesterday that said the key issues have been resolved and we hope to be able to settle on the land in a matter of weeks. That means we will be able to break ground about 2 months afterwards. The SIPs are an eight week lead time alone so ground breaking will depend on scheduling labor and materials as we intend to get these up fast once the first shovel goes in the ground. If we have to delay ground breaking a couple of weeks in order to ensure a smooth building process without delays, we will do so.

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Bad News:

I think the wife and I are going to buy the 100K House. We have been intending to sell and trying to avoid the urge to buy it ourselves, but are failing. We will sell the corner house next door still, but unless someone contacts me in the next week or so and gives a really convincing argument, I think I’m gonna snatch it up. More of similar homes are in the works next though so stay tuned…

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