Plans Submitted to Philly for Building Permits

This morning we officially submitted our building plans to the city of Philadelphia and applied for building permits for both homes. We are expediting the permitting process and it will most likely take us 3-4 weeks to receive our permits from the city as long as there is nothing major wrong with our plans. The cost to expedite is $540 per house which is a bit painful considering it’s only $100 for the normal base fee. This is more than necessary though as it can take months if not expedited.

Plans Submitted to City of Philadelphia Zoning Department

The experience at L&I was great, just like when we submitted our zoning application. Arriving as close to the 8:00 AM opening time seems to be the key. I was down there for a maximum of 30 minutes this morning and had time to grab a coffee with the wife on my way home. Nothing like crossing off the biggest item on your to-do list before 9AM!

Feedback from Building Plans Examiner
Feedback from Local Neighborhood Zoning Committee