Feedback from Building Plans Examiner

Yesterday I received an email and a letter from the building plans examination engineer assigned to review our plans by the city of Philadelphia. I was encouraged to get a response so quickly from the city and thankful that our expediting fee is obviously paying off.

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The notes from the examiner included a couple of minor issues that need to be resolved with our plans and a few more forms we need to fill out and provide along with the building permits already submitted. I spoke briefly with ISA about the issues and they confirmed they were all minor and that this was a good sign. In their experience, there are always issues found with building permits submitted, and it’s just one of those things you have to work through.

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What I was most excited about is that there were no problems found with the use of SIPs in our plans whatsoever. SIPs are almost never used in Philly and I was a bit nervous that they could cause issues with a building plan examination department that may have never seen them called out before. One more potential hurdle crossed. I’m still waiting for that one that’s going to clip our back foot just as we think we’ve cleared it and send us stumbling headfirst into the next one. It’s out there somewhere…

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