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A couple of people have been telling me I need to join Twitter for the past few months so yesterday I finally took the plunge. I have been a bit worried about it taking over my life a bit but I think I’ll be able to manage it OK now that I’ve been trying it out for a day.

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twitter-9853414For those of you unfamiliar with Twitter, it is basically a web application similar to Instant Messaging where you create a basic profile and then post short ‘tweets’ throughout the day to update other Twitter members on what you are up to or simply a cool link you found on the interweb. You can select other members to follow and receive real time updates when they post tweets. It’s kind of like very short blog posts in real time. Info and new links on the web can really spread fast, or so I’ve heard.

Postgreen Homes Skinny Project Sales Update

Twitter has been around for a while and I have heard a lot of good buzz about it which is why I finally decided to jump in. I’m not a big fan of being an early adopter of new social networking applications on the web and like to wait to see which ones are worth joining.

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So if you’re interested in seeing my thoughts on an hourly basis throughout the day, check out my new profile or subscribe to my RSS feed below. Honestly, it’s a little frightening that people might want to keep tabs on my crazy thoughts throughout the day. I will only warn you once. If my wife would into posting a comment on the blog, she might just try to warn you what your getting yourself into by subjecting yourself to hear every new idea or thought that crosses my mind every day.

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