Nic Darling Joins Postgreen and the 100K Team

Well I finally got tired of being overwhelmed with trying to market for 4+ websites, research green building and grow a development company on a daily basis. This week Postgreen hired its first employee, Nic Darling, to help out with Marketing and PR duties on a part time basis.

17 New Homes to be Announced by Postgreen

Nic is a long-time friend of mine, fellow marketer and contributed a lot of free marketing and branding expertise to the startup of Postgreen and the development of the 100K House concept. You may also recognize Nic from the latest Ignite video presentation.

Wes the Intern

Over at the Postgreen blog we have posted our first video press release (Nic’s idea) about the hiring of Nic. We are tired of spending hundreds of dollars at PRWeb and feel that switching to a video format will improve the impact of each release while decreasing the cost altogether. It’s a work in progress so go easy on us.

Vic’s the Name, Kitchen’s the Game

Also, you will notice a new logo for the 100K House blog on our site that was Nic’s creation. If you like his work, give Nic a shout out in the comments to welcome him to the team.