New Renderings and Floorplans for 100K Project

ISA has been working on some new renderings for the 100K project due to some contests and articles we are working on. The first image below of the 100K rendering plopped onto the actual site is probably my favorite image generated to date. Definitely follow the link to the full-size flickr image on this one. Sometimes I forget that this is going to be an actual built project with all the delays we have suffered and this image just got me really excited about building the homes and seeing them completed on the street. I also like the fact that ISA left the weeds in the sidewalk that surround the property.

We plan to fix up the sidewalk and plant as many trees as possible along the street so this isn’t exactly what it will look like, but it is the best view to see what the buildings will look like on the corner. Also below are updated floorplans for both homes and a rendering of the rear of the homes that shows the metal grid detail for the vines to grow up. Pretty cool.

Trip to Greenable – Green Building Supply + Design Store

100K House Street Context Rendering


Time to Start Finalizing Finishes – To Do List

Updated 100K & 120K Floorplans


Time to Start Finalizing Finishes – To Do List

100K House Rear View Rendering with Ivy Screen Detail


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