Dwell & AIA Contest Submission

dwell-6840450Dwell and AIA have teamed up to sponsor a small “How Green Are You?” contest on Dwell’s website. We figured we might as well submit something since we already have a bunch of images and we now have Nic to write for us. The 250 word submission below took Nic all of about 15 minutes to come up with. We don’t know if it’s supposed to be in essay format, but figured it might help us to stand out from the pack a bit. Wish us luck. Any prize money won by Postgreen will be spent on Nic’s capital equipment list. So far we have a company bicycle and an widescreen monitor at the top of this list.

Art Matters Article on 100K

In a world of battle-tank commuters, McMansions and super-sized fries, the 100K House is as much a statement about minimalist living as it is an urban development experiment. This 1,000 SF, LEED Platinum home, designed by the award winning architects at ISA, may be one of the smallest single family homes built in Philadelphia since Ben Franklin was shopping for real estate.

100K House Featured on Flyp Media

In addition to the self-imposed size constraints, the 100K initiative will use a variety of building and mechanical system strategies to increase efficiency and limit environmental impact. The envelope, to be constructed of structurally insulated panels (SIPs), Energy Star windows and a white membrane roof coating, will cut the energy needed to heat and cool the home by 50%. Slots have been left between floors at the front and back of the two-story house to encourage natural air flow and permit the radiant first floor slab, with its cooling and heating cycle, to service the climate needs of the whole house. Our energy model indicates the house will use 1/5 the energy of an average, new, American home.

100K House Enters Re:Vision’s Re:Construct Competition

The project also believes that low-impact living should not be the province of only the very rich or zealots willing to live in a hut in the woods. This belief led the project to its name and its goal of building a modern, green home for $100 per square foot in construction costs. Affordable, modern green living will finally be possible in Philadelphia.”