M&M 100K Plus Floorplan Draft

You may remember a post a few weeks ago about a couple of readers coming to us with a request to build them a slightly larger version of the 100K House for them in the same neighborhood as the 100K Project. Well, we have had a number of discussions and even a few meetings to discuss the feasibility of such a project. As it turns out, it looks like this just might work.

Philadelphia Passive Project Construction Update

So we are going to call this project the “M&M 100K Plus House” for lack of a better name. The ‘M&M’ represents the client (no they’re not bite sized chocolate candies and if we can get a cease and desist letter from Hershey’s it would be great for the portfolio) and the ’100K Plus’ is intended to indicate that this is an upgraded version of the 100K House.

Facade Update and Retrospective: The Passive Project

Enough of my rambling. Here is our first stab at the floorplan for the house:

Facade Update and Retrospective: The Passive Project


Here is a list of upgrades over the standard 100K House Plan:

  1. An extra flex room (guest room/office/den)
  2. An extra bathroom with a shower stall
  3. A deck on the second floor
  4. Access to a roof deck/green roof
  5. A storage shed/fence in the back yard (not shown)

There are many other minor aspects of the house that we are still discussing, but these are the major differences from the 100K House. The floorplan as shown is actually only 4′ deeper than the 100K plan and about 7″ narrower. The kitchen is also the same, just simply turned 90 degrees to make the best use of the living/dining area in the front of the house. The bath area on the second floor may also be modified a bit to accommodate a bit more closet space as well.

Well, there it is. We’ll have more details coming in the future and if I can find the time, maybe even a dedicated project page. Have a great holiday weekend everyone and try to maintain a safe ratio of alcohol and explosives.

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