What to Give Away with a 100K House?

Ever since I had the idea of starting a development company I knew I wanted to give away gifts with any new home we would build. It seems like a nice thing to do and it’s also an opportunity to get that warm and fuzzy feeling you have at Christmas and others’ b-days as you give presents. Lastly, we feel that this is an opportunity to clarify and solidify our brand rather than just using gifts as a sales tactic in a down market. Someone asked in a comment last week if I saw a difference between a logo and a brand and this is a good example that I certainly do see a big difference.

Gifts are becoming more and more common in development, especially with units not selling as fast as they were a few years ago. Many developers will give cash back, pay for parking, throw in a new flat screen TV or even a car. The question is, what is the appropriate gift for a 100K House?

Just Under a Week Left on the 120K Exclusive Subsciber Sale

Below are some of my ideas so far. Feel free to contribute your own ideas in the comments below.

Green Cleaning Products Kit

We are putting a lot of effort into making sure that the indoor air quality is as healthy as we can afford to make it with our design, materials and construction methods. An easy way to foul up all of that work to create a healthier living environment is to bring in standard cleaning products that may contain harmful chemicals.

Personally, we use Method cleaning products in our home because they are affordable, have great design and are readily available at Target and other local stores. They may not be the best out there and they may not be locally made products, but for us they do the job at a price we can currently swallow.

‘No Haggle’ Pricing for 100K Houses?

Complementary Home Cleaning Service (1 Session)

If we’ve supplied the cleaning products already, why not go one step further and supply someone to do the cleaning for you. The good people at Organic Home would do a great job. They are a local company and very active in the green business events that take place in Philly.

Moving into a new home is always a chore and even when you finally get all the boxes unpacked and everything where you want it, the place usually still needs a good scrubbing from all the commotion. Wouldn’t it by nice to just call someone and start out with a fresh, professionally cleaned home? I sure wouldn’t mind it.

Plans Submitted to City of Philadelphia Zoning Department

Postgreen Commuter Bicycle?


While other developers are giving away cars, scooters and even short range electric vehicles, none of these seem to fit with the 100K philosophy. A simple human powered bicycle seems like the best fit in terms of modes of transportation to be given away with our minimalist homes that encourage the owners to reduce their lifestyle and carbon footprint to a bare minimum.

Pictured above is a Bianchi European commuter style bike that I really like.What we’d really love to do is customize a bike like this with our own colors and logos to serve as a very unique marketing tool while also giving the homeowner a custom bike that only a select number of people in Philly would own. This could cost some coin to produce so we’ll have to consult the spreadsheets to see if we can afford this level of giveaway with our homes.

These are just our ideas for now. Feel free to offer your own suggestions below.