Thoughts on Ads on the 100K Blog?

This is a question I never thought I would be asking myself or our fellow readers, but lately we have been entertaining the idea of experimenting with advertisements on the 100K House blog. Honestly, we never thought so many people would be so interested in what we had to say hear. We are approaching 500 subscribers on the blog and can’t help but think about the possibility of actually generating some revenue from the blog.

Site Overhaul

I know there will be those of you out there that always be against ads of any kind on any blog or site. That’s OK. There may also be those that think ads are fine, but not fitting on our blog for one reason or another and there may still be others who think it’s fine or just don’t care. Since this blog is about transparency and opening up pretty much every idea for comment, we thought it best to do the same with the topic of ads. Below are my thoughts from both ends of the arguement:

Site Modification in Progress

The Case Against Ads on 100K

The 100K blog is all about disseminating free information that is not usually divulged in development projects. The object is to primarily educate for free and secondly to entertain those that may delight in our failures and successes. Why would we foul that up by placing ads and trying to turn a profit off of the site with those goals in mind? Also, ads are ugly and take away valuable real estate that could be used to recognize team members, collaborators and other blogs we love.

New FAQ’s Page Created for the Blog

The Case for Ads on 100K

One of the goals and differentiators of the 100K House brand is to provide quality, green housing at an affordable price to average working schmo’s in Philly. If we were able to actually generate some revenue from our blogging, that could enable us to explore more opportunities to lower our profit margin as a developer and pass the savings on to our clients in the form of even more affordable housing.

Let’s take the current M&M 100K Plus house and its clients. Postgreen is slated to make about $5k from that project for a heck of a lot of time and effort. We’re not complaining, but it’s not a business model that we could implement for every project we build. While we’d love to build a whole bunch of 100K homes for clients like M&M, we’d either have to raise the cost or build standard projects with higher margins in between working with these clients. This would limit the amount of people we could offer this more affordable process to unless we had another source of income.

OK, let’s take this concept one step further. If there are any other developers reading out there, they may shoot me for writing this next idea. Luckily, I’m pretty quick and educated in the art of dodging bullets. What if we were able to generate enough revenue as a development company through ads on our blog(s) and through other means not related to actual sales of real estate so that we could reduce the development profit margin on each project for Postgreen to ZERO? Crazy! It frightens me to type it. Could we pull it off? I doubt it, but the concept still intrigues me.

Enough of my thoughts. What do the readers think?