New Facebook Page and Twitter Account for 100K House Fans

Nic and I took a bit of time yesterday to increase the social reach of the project to Facebook and Twitter. Below you will find new links to what we have created.

New Archives Page for the Blog

I really have gotten into the Twitter lately and realized that having a dedicated 100K account would be a great way to keep everyone interested up to date on a continual basis, especially throughout the construction process. For those not familiar with Twitter, it is an application that lets you type in up to 140 characters to give a quick update of what you are doing. I have an application on my iPhone that lets me update from anywhere along with adding pictures, links and a Google Map of my location. I have also added the 100K Twitter feed to the top of the right sidebar on the blog so that whenever someone is on the blog, they can see the latest ‘tweets’ on the project with a link to the tweet history. Besides those that have a Twitter account, the feed can also be followed via RSS.

New 100K HOMES Page to Prepare for Future Sales

The Facebook page was setup by Nic and allows those using the facebook application to become fans of our page. They can then get to know other fans of the project and start discussions with us and other fans of the project. I am also working on syncing the 100K Twitter feed with the account as well as other applications like our Flickr account. I am not an expert on facebook and am just getting into it on a daily basis, but for those of you that are avid fans, check it out. It could be an interesting place to start discussions outside of the blog.

Chad & 100K on Twitter

OK, here are the links:


100K House Twitter Page –

100K House Twitter RSS Feed


100K House Facebook Page –