100K Budget Update – Time to Make Final Cuts [edited]

With construction only weeks away it is time to review the construction budget and make our final cuts to try and reach our $100,000 target. Our last major post on the budget was all the way back in February. Scott at Build It Green Philly (aka Level 5 Construction) sent over the most up to date budget to me this weekend. The budget is based an older version of plans that included some slightly different mechanicals than we are leaning towards now. ISA is working as we speak on finalizing the construction drawings for Scott’s final quote.

What to Give Away with a 100K House?

The number is not pretty so let’s just get it over with. The current construction budget is at $115,664 $111,664. This is painful to me to say the least. Cuts need to and will be made in the next few weeks. I guess this is the exciting part where we see if we can actually pull off this goal that so many have told us in unachievable. I know it’s possible. Whether we have the right design to accomplish it or not will be seen in the next few months.

Feedback from Building Plans Examiner

Here is the budget broken down into categories:

100K Walking Series – Memphis Taproom

Current 100K House Construction Budget

$11,696 – Concrete
$1,803 – Masonry
$18,104 – Rough & Finish Carpentry
$10,705 – Thermal & Moisture Protection
$6,144 – Doors & Windows
$10,448 – Finishes
$22,752 – Special Construction (SIPs, Casework, Appliances)
$13,915 – HVAC
$11,616 – Plumbing
$8,479 – Electric

$115,662 Hard Construction Budget

($2,000) – Federal Builder Tax Credit for homes that are 50% more efficient than code
($2,000)  – Federal Solar Tax Credit for installation of our solar thermal system

$111,662 – Total 100K Construction Budget

As, stated before, this is based on past plans and some things will change in the coming weeks just because they have been updated to reflect the new plans. I will be doing a series of posts on each reduction made until we get to our final number. Each reduction will also be recorded on our working 100K Construction Budget also. Go easy on us in the comments. It’s a stressful point in the project right now.