New 100K HOMES Page to Prepare for Future Sales

I’ve been meaning to create a page on the site here to easily access profile pages for each home that we build under the 100K brand. I finally found a few hours to throw something together today and you can find it in the navigation at the top of each page or by clicking on this hand 100k homes link.

Chad & 100K on Twitter

We are planning to build four homes in the next few months starting with the 100K House that I will be living in and the 120K House next door that we will be selling. I also created a separate page for the 120K House today as we will be listing this for sale in the next few weeks. You will find a short bulleted list on this page of some of the key differences or upgrades from the 100K House. There is also a sign up form at the bottom of the page if you are interested in getting sales info as soon as it is available.

The Skinny Project – 3 New Postgreen Homes

Currently Nic and I are planning to release a bunch of (hopefully) entertaining videos and promotions to sell the house. We are still working out the details of the sale, but we are currently planning to list the home for sale on the blog here only for a number of weeks prior to letting my wife release it to the rest of the world in the ways that only a fancy Realtor like herself could do.

Postgreen Homes Skinny Project Sales Update

It is our hope that we are able to sell the home through the blog only with the help of our fans and readers. I may also have a friendly wager on this with the wife so I will be counting on all of you out there to help me out.

This is the first of many new pages we are planning to add to the site over the next 6 months or so as we try to take the 100K House brand to the next level. As always, we are open to suggestions, comments and critisicm. Lastly, thanks to everyone who has sent emails to our new bank in support of our project. It is greatly appreciated! Have a great weekend and look out for the first 100K videos that may sneak onto the site tonight.