100K Walk Score and Our Favorite Walkable Destinations

We know that everyone reading is probably familiar with the project details by now, but may not be familiar with the neighborhood that it is taking place in. All members of our team work in this neighborhood and most also live here. We all love it for a variety of reasons but not everyone will share our enthusiasm without knowing a bit more about it. For this reason we have put together a series of posts and videos to familiarize everyone with the attractions surrounding the 100K House project.

Rebuilding the Postgreen Site

To kick things off, we performed a “Walk Score” using the google mashup available at walkscore.com.  This site takes an address that you input and gives you a walk score based on a 100 point scale with 100 being the most walkable neighborhood possible. It takes into account things like grocery stores, restaurants, schools and other amenities that are all within walking distance of the source address. It’s a pretty cool tool that actually represent the linkages and location section of the LEED for Homes guideline pretty well.

Good and Bad News for the 100K House Project

So how’d we do? We scored a 74 out of 100 for a rating of “Very Walkable” as seen in the image below. This is pretty good. We felt like we should’ve done a bit better due to the proximity of the nearest train stop that takes one directly into Center City Philadelphia, but for some reason public transportation is not taken into consideration. Proximity to public transportation is a big factor for both LEED and most residents that have migrated to this neighborhood, so we feel it is worth mentioning again.

Frequently Asked, Frequently Answered


To take the walkable conept a bit further, we went ahead and created a Google Map entitled, “100K House Walks Fishtown.” This map contains all of our favorite destinations in the area that are walkable from the 100K House site. We have tried to create our own descriptions of each location along with links to their websites and contact info if available. This map is also the inspiration for our Walking Series of videos that will continue to come out. Those routes that we highlight in the videos will be shown and linked to from this Google Map as well. We hope this helps some of you out there become a bit more familiar with the neighborhood that have not had the pleasure of visiting.