100K Walking Series – Memphis Taproom

Here is the second video in our 100K Walking Series. This one includes the wife (aka “The Money”) accompanying me to one of our favorite watering holes, the Memphis Taproom. We are trying out Viddler today which is a local Philly company trying to offer better service than YouTube. We think they are doing a pretty good job and will most likely start using them as our default player. You can even post video comments on any post using Viddler if you are so inclined.

100K Walk Score and Our Favorite Walkable Destinations


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Nic also wanted me to mention that we have an open invitation for any musicians out there to submit music for us to use in this or any other video. We are using copyrighted music now and it’s probably only a matter of time until we get sued, so we could be helping each other out. We’ll promote your music and you keep us from huge legal fees. This is what we refer to as a win-win.

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Don’t forget to check out our 100K House Walks Google Map as well with all of our favorite locations.