100K Walking Series – Rocket Cat Cafe

While brainstorming ways to promote the upcoming sale of the 120K House, Nic and I have been using every excuse to use our new video camera. We realize that not everyone is familiar with the lovely neighborhood of Fishtown and East Kensington that we live in, so we thought we would create a series of videos showcasing some of our favorite spots in the neighborhood that are all withing walking distance of the 100K House project.

100K Walking Series – Memphis Taproom

I am still working on a Google Map that will show all of these locations along with descriptions, links and walking distances from the 100K House project. I wanted to post that first, but Nic beat me with his first videos, so you may see a few of them before the post summarizing the wonderful location and neighborhood that the 100K House project is in. We hope you enjoy them.

Rebuilding the Postgreen Site

One last note. I messed up the calculation on the steps in the video and it should read 367 rather than 3,333 at the end of the video. My bad. We’ll try to fix this later.

100K Walk Score and Our Favorite Walkable Destinations