Results of Investment Poll

A couple weeks ago we created a poll to gauge investor interest in future 100K House projects. I promised I would publish the results after we received some feedback so here is what we have to date:

Quick Financing Update
  1. Twenty three people have responded to the survey so far. You don’t have to invest to take the survey so I would encourage more people to go take it now.
  2. Almost half of the respondents are interested in investing at the $5,000 level which is what we expected. A couple people want to invest over $50K which is nice to see also.
  3. The majority of people would expect a return of 5% – 10%. This is good to see as our research indicates that 10% – 12% is the going rate. We’d like to offer 12.5% or better, but will have to evaluate further when the time comes.
  4. All but one person is willing to invest for 12 months or longer which is good because the average project will usually take this long if not longer. We hope that reducing this time frame will be one of our strengths going forward.
  5. We also got a lot of encouraging comments except for one reader that claimed we were poisoning our clients with our toxic flooring and carpet. Sometimes I wonder what people are reading when the contact us. The floor is concrete and plywood covered in No-VOC finishes for anyone else that missed it.

Thanks to everyone who participated. It is encouraging to see support for all aspects of the project, including the business and financial issues. While we are focusing the majority of our efforts to get the first project finished, we will be revisiting the investment options again soon.

Financing Update
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