100K House Enters Re:Vision’s Re:Construct Competition

Last week one of our favorite green bloggers, Preston of Jetson Green, challenged his readers to join and win the Re:Construct contest being put on by Re:Vision. Late last week we decided to take Preston up on his challenge and threw in the $25 for the entry fee not really knowing too much about the competition.

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After a bit of research I have learned a bit more about this competition and the group putting it on. Re:Vision seems to basically be a group of people looking to make a difference in urban areas by reinventing the way that a city block is developed with cutting edge and innovative sustainable products and techniques. They are searching for the right city and the right block to carry out their mission. In the meantime they are putting together innovative ideas for free by holding five different competitions. This is a method of idea generation I can get behind. In fact, we are even paying them to use our ideas. Dang. Anyways, here are the five competitions they are holding currently:

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  1. Re:Volt – Intelligent energyies for the urban development
  2. Re:Route – New thinking on urban transporation
  3. Re:Store – Green innovation for a healthy urban economy
  4. Re:Connect – Urban planning for people and places
  5. Re:Construct – Sustainable materials and building practices

The Re:Construct competition is the last one in the series to be held and results for the other competitions have been released already. From the website, the basic goal of Re:Construct is to create new types of structures and techniques. From planning codes to toilest, dry wall to moveable walls they want our help in re-imagining the building industry. “It’s time to Re:Construct the ideas and realities of sustainable building.” Stay tuned for more on our entry. I’m thinking our theme or tagline is going to be something like, “Prefab is NOT the answer.” Discuss.