Quick Review of LEED Checklist for Platinum Target

Now that we are getting close to groundbreaking I guess it’s time to take a quick look at the LEED for Homes Checklist to make sure we are still on target. Originally the goal for the project was only Silver, but since meeting with MaGrann for our design charrette and preliminary rating, we realized that Platinum was as very achievable goal. Shocking on such a small budget, but true.

Federal Tax Credits Available

After pulling up the original spreadsheet that MaGrann filled out for us, I realized that we have made a few changes and upgrades that should allow us a few additional points. After completing a full review of the LEED Checklist, it now looks as if we have a ten point buffer to obtain the Platinum rating! This is still dependant on the home being classified as a two bedroom home which should not be a problem, but is not a certainty given our open floorplan and almost complete lack of doors (at one point I wanted a curtain on the bathroom to eliminate all doors).

Quick Review of LEED Checklist for Platinum Target

Due to the home’s small size, it gets six whole points knocked off of the Platinum threshold, which takes the target score from 90 to 84. Currently, the 100K House’s point total is at 94 which gives us our ten point buffer. We could screw up any number of things and still get Platinum. That makes me feel better as I am imagining a few things will not go as planned.

Final Results from Energy Modeling by Zero Energy Design

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Ten point buffer! Double digits! How ’bout them apples? LEED only for the wealthy? LEED can only be done for a premium? Please! C’mon!