ISA to Showcase 100K House in DesignPhiladelphia 2008

I just got a call a few days ago from Brian Phillips at ISA (Interface Studio Architects) that said he was invited to display something related to prefab architecture at the upcoming DesignPhiladelphia 2008 event. Since ISA is still a relatively young firm, with no built prefab projects to date (they are working on one or two), he decided to throw the 100K House project in there to display our spin on prefab.

ISA Speaking at Habitat’s 2nd Annual Green Building Conference on the 100K House Project

GreenFest Philly this Sunday on South St

DesignPhiladelphia is a really cool event put on every year for almost no budget by Hilary Jay. DesignPhiladelphia is adminitered by the Design Center at Philadelphia University and managed by Beth Van Why. The Design Philadelphia blog about creative culture in the city of brotherly love was created to support this even year round. Brian is thinking of creating some type of huge viewfinder where passersby would be able to pop their head in and view as little or as much of a roughly five minute video on the project and concepts behind the project. It should be clear that we like videos by now so we jumped at the chance to be involved. The location will be in a vacant lot on South Broad St across the street from the Kimmel Center.

BIA Tour of Postgreen Homes

We’re looking forward to participating and seeing what Brian, his crew at ISA and his slave student labor come up with for the show. Stay tuned for more. The event will run from Oct 16th – 22nd. Check it out even if you can’t make it to our stop. There will be venues all over the city displaying different products and ideas in the design world originating in Philly.