New FAQ’s Page Created for the Blog

We were meeting with ISA yesterday to prepare for the upcoming Greenfest Philly event that we will share a table at, when we had the idea for an FAQ’s handout or display at the table. Nic turned to me and said, “Hey, we should have one of those on the site also.” I agreed and put one together for us last night around 3AM since I couldn’t seem to sleep at all.

New Facebook Page and Twitter Account for 100K House Fans

New FAQ’s Page for 100K House

Check it out and feel free to comment on any additional questions you think should be included on this list. I am sure it is not complete, and I can add to it as more suggestions are given. There is also an additional signup for an email list to be notified when any new 100K Home becomes available for sale in the future. We hope to break ground on ten more homes or so in the next 12 months, so why not be the first to know when they become available for sale?

New Archives Page for the Blog
New 100K HOMES Page to Prepare for Future Sales