Tentative Construction Schedule for 100K

Brian from Manor Hill stopped by on Tuesday to discuss the construction plans, budget and time line in more detail. Everything is proceeding as he had planned and he is finishing up meetings with his key subs next week. He provided a rough draft copy of the construction schedule as he thinks it will go.

Sweat Equity vs. Wish List for 100K Construction

Basically, it is an 80 day or 12 week schedule from start to finish that should start in a few short weeks, depending on when the finished SIPs will be delivered. Right now the SIP manufacturer is looking at about a six week lead time to design, manufacture and deliver the SIPs to our site. We have about three weeks of excavation and foundation work to do in Brian’s schedule so that would put the groundbreaking at about three weeks from now.

Skinny Project: The Ground is Broken

Here are the major milestones in the construction time table:

Skinny Project: The Ground is Broken
  1. Groundbreaking – Sept 22nd or 29th
  2. SIP Delivery and Install –  Oct 20th or 27th
  3. Completed Homes / Ribbon Cutting Ceremony – Dec 12th or 19th
  4. Probable end of Federal Tax Credits – Dec 31st

We’re cutting it pretty close for those tax credits, but I feel confident that Brian will get us there in time. The SIP manufacturer, SureTight, is also intending to make the SIP delivery and install a week long training and SIP promotion event. We will be bringing contractors and framers from all around that want to participate and get hands-on experience with the technology. This is extremely valuable both for us and the contractors that participate as these types of trainings can cost as much as $1,000 and require a multi-day stay at the SIP manufacturer’s own site.

By next week, we should have the budget nailed down and the final schedule set.