Minimalist Series – Reducing to Fit in the 100K House

Recently, the wife and I have been talking about how we will need to prepare for the move into the 100K House in a few months. We currently live in a fairly sparsely decorated, ~900 sf loft around the corner from the site, so at first glance it may not seem that we have much to do. As we thought about the fact that the 100K will be somewhat of a show house that will need to be neat and tidy at all times, we realized that we have a bit of cleaning house to do prior to the move.

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The minimalist aspect of the home has always been part of the design from the beginning, but it is probably one of the features that has grown on the team over the past few months. While many may complain about the small size of the home and lack of sufficient storage space, others have latched onto the minimalist ideals of the design. It forces you to really figure out just how much “stuff” you really need to live with, what is most important to you and what is just simply taking up space. There is something liberating about pairing your life down to the bare necissities, plus a few splurges on stuff that you really like.

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We decided to write a short series of posts on our efforts to further reduce our possessions to fit into the minimalist habitat that is the 100K House. Moving from a 1,400 sf house with a full basement to our 900 sf loft with no closets and no additional storage space available outside our four walls has already forced us to make significant reductions in the amount of stuff we keep around us. This short series will focus on our last problem areas listed below that we need to scale down just a bit more to fit comfortably and attractively into the 100K House:

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  • Wall of storage – Remnants of our basement are all stored in one wall of open storage in our loft
  • Closet – We don’t have a ton of clothes, but definitely too many for the storage concepts we have for the 100K House.
  • Kitchen – This is more making sure we have enough space in the kitchen as designed plus some freestanding storage provided by us. It may slightly shape the way the kitchens end up coming together.
  • Laundry area – We curtained off a section of our bathroom that actually stores quite a bit of misc laundry and bathroom junk.
  • Loft storage – We have a small loft storage area above our bathroom where all of our luggage, Christmas decorations and the like are stored.

We’ve already cleaned up the wall of storage this weekend quite a bit and inventoried our closets. Look for the first of the minimalist posts later this week.