Guest Post on Jetson Green and Re:Construct Competition Entry

A few weeks ago we decided to answer Jetson Green’s challenge to enter the Re:Construct competition put on by Re:Vision. The competition is aimed at generating new types of structures and techniques to “reconstruct” the ideas and realities of sustainable building. I mentioned that our entry would be titled something to the effect of “Prefab is NOT the answer” and I guess it peaked Preston’s interest from Jetson Green because he asked me to write a guest post on the subject.

Dwell & AIA Contest Submission

Well, it took some time, but our lengthy guest post on why we think prefab is not the answer to bringing modern, green and relatively affordable architecture to the masses is up at Jetson Green. Check it out if you have a few minutes to blow reading more of my ramblings.

Art Matters Article on 100K

We didn’t plan this timing, but the submission deadline for the Re:Construct contest was yesterday. Writing for Jetson Green was really the only thing that allowed us to hit this deadline. Nic spent most of yesterday developing pretty diagrams, charts and illustrations of the core concepts that were talked about in the post. We submitted them pretty late in the day on the final day of submissions (as is our tendency) so we hope they went through and we don’t get snubbed like we did in that last Dwell contest. Below is what we came up with for your viewing pleasure. These are meant to be printing on 24″ x 36″ boards so you’ll have to click on the image to blow it up larger to read most of the captions.

100K House Featured on Flyp Media