Reducing the Wall O’ Stuff – Minimalist Series

The first problem area as far as excess stuff goes in our current home is our “Wall O’ Stuff.” This wall contains everything that was previously stored in the basement of our last home. When we originally moved into our 900 sf loft, the contents of our basement took up about 300 sf, so while the wall may look like a lot, it used to be much worse.


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So, where are we going to put all of this stuff in the 100K House? If you click on the image above it will open up the flickr photo in a separate window that will have notes on it for what is in each section. I’ll do the best I can to explain everything here if you don’t like extra clicking.

The pile in the bottom right is all of the stuff that the wife and I sorted through and deemed unnecessary for the remainder of our lives. This includes things like extra A/V cables, motorcycle maintenance stuff (from a bike I no long own), an old wine rack, tools we don’t use and an accordion (don’t ask). This junk will either be given to friends, donated to our local thrift store or sold on ebay (apparently old accordions are worth some decent coin).

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Above the junk on the far right hangs our brooms and mops and such along with my golf clubs. The cleaning supplies will most likely hang on a pegboard that will line both the laundry and utility closets for extra storage. I’m not sure where the clubs will go yet. I may need to buy a more attractive bag and just leave them on display in the office.

To the left of the supplies on the wall and still above the junk on the floor is all of our office papers, neatly organized in a few black boxes from ikea. These will go in a shelving system in the office or second bedroom as they are relatively attractive.

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The the left of this, in the center of the shelving unit, is the basement remnants. There is cleaning and painting equipment, cables I need, misc tools, Nic’s box of office stuff and one mini pool table that provides relief from the daily grind in the Postgreen office. Some of this stuff will go in the office area and some will be stored neatly in the laundry/utility closet. If we need extra room, we may look into exterior storage options such as the benches pictured below. Why take up conditioned space with junk that doesn’t need to be in a climate controlled environment and is rarely used?

Finally, on the left are all of my smaller tools and hardware that I use frequently along with a little wine storage. The wine will move to the kitchen and the tools will go nicely on the pegboards mentioned earlier. If you squint you can see a small pegboard on the very left of the image right below our electrical panel.

This was probably the easiest of the minimalist reduction areas we need to address prior to moving. Stay tuned for the closet next which should be exciting.